One individual, could generate
your charity £5-£10k*
in just sixty minutes

Raised allows important messages to be sent directly to hard-to-reach decision makers, in return for a payment to charity.

Who would that individual be?

The CEO, CFO, IT or HR Director, or other senior colleagues of any medium or large business - important hard-to-reach decision makers. If your charity has connections with dozens of these types of people, the revenue could run into six figures.

How would these decision-makers raise money in so little time?

By signing up to the Raised app. The Raised App trades the undivided attention of hard-to-reach decision makers, in return for a payment to charity. Many individuals and companies have important messages for this type of person …and the great thing is that many of the pitches and other messages they view, will add real business value. The messages are around 45-60 seconds long, can be viewed when it suits them, while in a taxi, or waiting for a plane, or even in the bathroom!

What share of this revenue would our charity receive?

100%. The decision-maker specifies the fee (typically £50-£200+) for agreeing to watch messages and all of that fee goes to your charity. Raised is funded through a 10% charge to the person sending the message (we're a not-for-profit - so any surplus will get put back into marketing the app).

Why would these individuals give their time?

Generosity. Curiosity. Charity. Ego. Good business sense. And the feel-good factor.

What sort of organisation and individuals would you like us to sign-up?

We’re looking for members of the senior management team or heads of department of large and medium sized businesses. Probably businesses with turnovers greater than £5 million and with 100 or more staff. In particular we’re after CEOs, Finance Directors, HR Directors, IT Directors etc. We’d also like high net-worth individuals and people who are influential in society such as personalities, politicians, leading thinkers. We hate to say it, but anyone ‘important’ enough to be hard-to-reach.

How will the funds earned reach us?

We plan to use Stripe Connect as our payment platform. It allows us to send the money directly from the message sender to your organisation.

How much time will Raised consume on the part of people we sign-up?

The message length is going to be 60 seconds or less. Viewing messages it not time-critical – they can be watched any time an individual has a spare minute (waiting for a car or meeting, in a taxi or airport). We’d expect very influential individuals to receive no more than two or three Raised messages per week – most people will get less than one per week. Any more than this and we’ll suggest they increase the amount they charge to be sent communications - they can also limit the number of messages per week. We’re probably talking about less than an hour a year. Raised is about quality not quantity.

How does our charity get involved?

Tell us you want to participate. Send us a logo. There is no cost or commitment required. We’ll even create and host you a sign-up website and supply template communication materials. You just need to sign up as many important decision makers as you can – any that you sign will be registered to donate 100% to your cause. It’s that simple. Oh – don’t forget to tell us which bank account to send the money to!

Who is Raised? Why are you doing this?

Raised is a not-for-profit run by a small team of seasoned entrepreneurs. We want to solve this business problem and raise millions for good causes. We are kindly supported by Sir Tim Smit of The Eden Project, Jim Lewcock's The Specialist Works agency, and Simon Biltcliffe's WebMart print agency. Co No: 10743421—Raised Global Network (CIC). Limited by Guarantee.

When will Raised be launched?

We need to build a base of hard-to-reach individuals before we launch the app to prospective message senders. We are expecting to launch later in the year, but if necessary will delay until we believe we have enough individuals to make the service viable.

What’s the rush?

Raised launches in later in the year, but the rush is on now – we already have charities signed to support us and it’s a land grab to sign-up as many important decision makers as possible for your cause. Leave it too late and other charities will already have signed them all – what are you waiting for?

More information or to sign-up?

Please contact us if you have any further questions:
*One message per week at £100 per message = £5k per year. Raised is a CIC not-for-profit. 100% of viewing fees paid direct to good causes.